Transcription Services

Transcription Services – Definition

Transcription is the conversion of a spoken message into written text. When speech is transcribed, it is easier to share, edit, index, and cross-reference. A professional transcriber carefully listens to an interview, presentation, or other audio format and accurately transcribes the dialogue into text. An hour of recorded audio takes approximately 5 hours to transcribe.

Our professional transcriptionists are experienced and well versed in their languages of expertise. With our transcribers, even the most intricate of accents is understood and relayed.

We also connect you with a transcriptionist that is not only a specialist in the required languages, but also experienced with your particular field.

Transcription Services – The Right One for You

The type of transcription service you need depends on the purpose and intended audience for your transcription. These are the three options you can choose from when requesting transcription services:

Verbatim Transcription Services

Verbatim transcriptions are comprised of every word of a dictation. This includes filler words such as “um,” “er,” and “uh.” It also lists moments of laughter, throat clearing, pauses, incomplete sentences, and any other noise made in the communication process.

Intelligent Transcription Services

Intelligent transcriptions omit filler words, laughter, and sounds that don’t relay the meaning of the message. With intelligent transcription services, light editing is given to the final product to correct grammatical errors and finish incomplete sentences

Edited Transcription Services

Edited transcription services are typically utilized when publishing or translating the transcription. Edited transcriptions receive edits that present the final document in a clear, easily readable, and formal format. When an edited transcription is translated, sentences are often restructured to make sense in the target language.

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